mutatis mutandis (xauenmurph) wrote,
mutatis mutandis

grim meathook present

Looking at articles about the top ten or twenty-five professions to be in isn't that cheering. I should make up my own. (With contributions from Pope Guilty and L.L.)

1. Terrafoam muralist
2. Security 'bot decoyer
3. Soylent green
4. Volunteer cryonaut
5. Fembot esthetician
6. Gonad donor
7. Kapo
8. Baconey barrista
9. Greenland & Antarctica transportee program
10. Indentured servitude

Gondoliering sadly proves an unsustainable bubble with the surface-water travel ban in effect. General travel restrictions for proles relegate people-moving to a luxury category.

Niche industries of note: prison industrialist, drone maintenance, securitybot engineering (not programming, this is automated), dirigible industrialist, celebrity, 3-D printer and maker content programming (somewhat depressed by hacker hobbyists.)

Growth categories in indentured servitude:
1. permanently prepubescent surrogate offspring.
2. "Secretary." (all real secretarial work outmoded or automated).
3. Living statuary.
4. For-chauffer (cars being self-driving)
5. Handicrafter/artisan
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