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Getting ready to start planting things that didn't overwinter (or get started safely in the ground before last frost, like beets), veggies in pots for the back and flowers for out front (aiming for minimal area that requires mowing, and an excuse to chicken-wire in some areas to discourage shitting dogs)

Ordered today from Baker Creek (but links from various places):
cherokee trail of tears pole bean;
ozark razorback cowpea (bush);
collards, morris heading;
black from tula tomato;
purple opal basil;
uzbekski cuke and de bourbonne cuke;
topepo rosso pepper (sweet, small red stuffing peppers)
Scabiosa stellata/paper moon (flower);
mixed colors love-in-a-mist/nigella (flower);
harlequin marigold (flower);
'birds eyes' (gilia tricolor) (wild flower native to Cali).

I considered but skipped ordering purple plum radishes (summer will come on suddenly, and I have other radish seed), purple (are you detecting a theme?) broccoli and some Scottish kale which will be fall/overwinter crops that I start after the hottest weather passes.

At freddies:
Shirley poppy (because BC were out of their mother-of-pearl poppy mix, and this looks the same)
Columbine, Aquilegia/McKana's giants (old-fashioned shape, mixed colors)

Bug's memorial garden is going to get some cloudberries and possibly some Oregon grape (there is some coming up, I think from seed I tried planting last year, in the kiddie-pool sandbox the previous tenants left, which I have been filling up with succulents)

I don't know how much longer I'll be living here after this summer, so I'm trying not to spend too much on things which I can't consume the same year, barring flowers, which have to give seed that I can take with me. I'm focusing a bit on heat/drought-tolerant plants and the black from tula tomatoes are less likely to split from too much rain than the black krims always did. A number of the flowers I'm planting have attractive seed pods so that they'll look cool during yellow grass season.

p.s. I am trapped under a cat, send help. ;)
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