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grim meathook present   
11:24am 07/10/2015
  Looking at articles about the top ten or twenty-five professions to be in isn't that cheering. I should make up my own. (With contributions from Pope Guilty and L.L.)

1. Terrafoam muralist
2. Security 'bot decoyer
3. Soylent green
4. Volunteer cryonaut
5. Fembot esthetician
6. Gonad donor
7. Kapo
8. Baconey barrista
9. Greenland & Antarctica transportee program
10. Indentured servitude

Gondoliering sadly proves an unsustainable bubble with the surface-water travel ban in effect. General travel restrictions for proles relegate people-moving to a luxury category.

Niche industries of note: prison industrialist, drone maintenance, securitybot engineering (not programming, this is automated), dirigible industrialist, celebrity, 3-D printer and maker content programming (somewhat depressed by hacker hobbyists.)

Growth categories in indentured servitude:
1. permanently prepubescent surrogate offspring.
2. "Secretary." (all real secretarial work outmoded or automated).
3. Living statuary.
4. For-chauffer (cars being self-driving)
5. Handicrafter/artisan
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lj, for the love of fuck would you stop   
06:07pm 23/12/2011
  with the moronic 'writers block' prompts. the other day: 'what are you thinking?' REALLY?  
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happy solstice!   
07:48pm 21/12/2011
  About an hour and forty minutes away.

(Why won't livejournal let me make a public post, all of a sudden? there, I can edit it to be...)
Doctor Who xmas special 2010   
07:43pm 28/12/2010
  very tiny not very spoilery quibbleCollapse )  
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01:56pm 17/04/2010
  Getting ready to start planting things that didn't overwinter (or get started safely in the ground before last frost, like beets), veggies in pots for the back and flowers for out front (aiming for minimal area that requires mowing, and an excuse to chicken-wire in some areas to discourage shitting dogs)

Ordered today from Baker Creek (but links from various places):
cherokee trail of tears pole bean;
ozark razorback cowpea (bush);
collards, morris heading;
black from tula tomato;
purple opal basil;
uzbekski cuke and de bourbonne cuke;
topepo rosso pepper (sweet, small red stuffing peppers)
Scabiosa stellata/paper moon (flower);
mixed colors love-in-a-mist/nigella (flower);
harlequin marigold (flower);
'birds eyes' (gilia tricolor) (wild flower native to Cali).

I considered but skipped ordering purple plum radishes (summer will come on suddenly, and I have other radish seed), purple (are you detecting a theme?) broccoli and some Scottish kale which will be fall/overwinter crops that I start after the hottest weather passes.

At freddies:
Shirley poppy (because BC were out of their mother-of-pearl poppy mix, and this looks the same)
Columbine, Aquilegia/McKana's giants (old-fashioned shape, mixed colors)

Bug's memorial garden is going to get some cloudberries and possibly some Oregon grape (there is some coming up, I think from seed I tried planting last year, in the kiddie-pool sandbox the previous tenants left, which I have been filling up with succulents)

I don't know how much longer I'll be living here after this summer, so I'm trying not to spend too much on things which I can't consume the same year, barring flowers, which have to give seed that I can take with me. I'm focusing a bit on heat/drought-tolerant plants and the black from tula tomatoes are less likely to split from too much rain than the black krims always did. A number of the flowers I'm planting have attractive seed pods so that they'll look cool during yellow grass season.

p.s. I am trapped under a cat, send help. ;)
09:49am 01/03/2009
  Got this from daratheresa - Washington state Deputy Paul Schene hits & drags by the hair a 15 year old girl, in a holding cell at SeaTac city hall for joyriding in her [edit]friend's[/edit] mother's car, after she kicks a shoe (that she had been asked to remove) at the much larger cop.

Also from daratheresa, another article following up on the story:
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U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. renewal   
10:10am 18/01/2009
  "President-elect Barack Obama's nominee for attorney general has endorsed an extension of the law that allows federal agents to demand Americans' library and bookstore records as part of terrorism probes...The searches must be authorized by a court that meets secretly and has approved the government's requests in nearly all cases, according to congressional reports. The target of the search does not have to be suspected of terrorism or any other crime. A permanent gag order that accompanies each search prohibits the business or library from telling anyone about it."  
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09:02pm 25/11/2008
  "One of Phelps' granddaughters was wearing a Twilight shirt"

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bitter election losers make racist attacks on most visible targets   
08:31am 16/11/2008
mood: ashamed
Some Obama haters and some No on Proposition 8ers

(If it needs saying, although it's not "my issue" I certainly support equal marriage rights until we can reform the whole shebang.)
Silverton, Oregon elects nation's first transgender mayor   
10:39am 08/11/2008

Alternately reported as "transvestite mayor." Stu Rasmussen identifies as a heterosexual man.
new president   
07:52am 05/11/2008
  Largely I'm very, very relieved. I will have more to say later.

(I don't need any admonishing that this will not usher in a utopian era, as at least one of you so inclined already fully realizes. ;) )
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she's bad enough without bending the truth   
01:42pm 12/09/2008

The library thing is bad enough in the way it is stated to have taken place. (Hypothetical? loyalty test? give me a fucking break.)

This doesn't address how Palin explains not taking food groceries out of a local sales tax she wanted to hike, or her attitudes on sex ed or funding for pregnant teens (which are certainly fair targets. You can target her policies without going tabloid on her personal life).

This site also debunks some tarring of Obama.
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09:29am 05/09/2008
  I'm delighted to hear that medics are now terrorists.  
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09:29am 17/08/2008
the batman thing   
08:02am 27/07/2008
  was better than I was expecting, entertaining. Better than that one with Sean Connery in a bearsuit or ninjas or whatever it was. But not really sticking the next day. Two-face was pretty gruesome. I won't warn off those with kids because they probably have stronger stomachs than I do.

At least one bit was a mite pollyannaist. The ending "twist" was kind of abrupt and there were a few Star Trek plot cleanup touches. And I don't buy the Joker being able to orchestrate or physically engineer some of his larger stunts. His henchloonies were way too marginally sketched in.
09:56pm 26/02/2008
  fuck 'clean coal technology' - I had no idea we still (again?) mined for coal this destructively, but I'm not surprised.  
bank writes order to censor anonymous leaks news site, judge rubber stamps it   
07:50pm 18/02/2008
  Wikileaks.com DNS hosting removed for publishing evidence of bank's shady dealings - "Wikileaks has published important leaked documents, such as the Rules of Engagement for Iraq [see my The Secret Rules of Engagement in Iraq], the 2003and 2004 Guantanamo Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures, and evidence of major bank fraud in Kenya [see also here] that apparently affected the Kenyan elections." See also wikinews wired and boing boing where they note that the wikileaks site is still up at its ip.

+Order amended from permanent injunction to temporary restraining order, and ordering removal of JB documents rather than site being taken down - hostname still doesn't point to its ip address though.
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09:05am 18/01/2008
  I'm paring down my "friends" list.

As always, feel free to remove me from yours without fear of drama.
11:02pm 30/11/2007
  Apparently the default for your view of your friends page (now that lj is allowing "flagging" of "adult content") may be "moderate filtering" unless you go change that here. (Thanks, mysoulhole)  
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02:17pm 28/09/2007
  Free Museum Day tomorrow (Saturday). National thing - you can find participating museums near you. I recommend just getting the state listing, zip code didn't scare anything up but there are several in Portland.